Win-Win-Win: University + School + Publisher

Mediapedagogue Sonja Fischer-Wambsganß M.A.

"A project gains through different perspectives."

Sonja Fischer-Wambsganß M.A.

This was my motto when I was commissioned by Mango-Medien Verlag to launch a new literary project.

Creative freedom to implement your own ideas? Which mediaeducator does not dream of it!

After completing my studies as Magistra Artium in the fields of education, adult education and social psychology, I have already had the opportunity to realize my own projects on several occasions. These include a series of lectures at schools on the topic of "Internet dangers" or a "multicultural Internet café" in the multi-generational house.

In my professional life I quickly realized that the "new media" are my home. In my main job I am therefore mainly involved in online marketing, web development, SEO and branding. Based on this marketing knowledge, it is a great challenge to design something that has to do with the oldest medium in the world: a book.

 What I bring to the project:

  • Creative ideas and impulses
  • Workshops with exciting learning techniques and pedagogical concepts (also for imitation!)
  • Organization and structured work
  • Implementation of marketing measures - online and offline
  • Coordination of all running threads
  • But also openness for new ideas

What I wish:

  • Commitment and creativity
  • Critical examination of the project
  • Courage to venture something new
  • Fun with teamwork