Didactics live!

Do you think that studying to become a teacher is one-sided?

If you feel that your studies don't prepare you sufficiently for the real work life at a school, you can change something now:

With the accompanying project for students of literature teaching professions for the next Community-driven-Book-Battle, you are there when it comes to the didactic conception and preparation of an exciting semi-annual project for literature groups at secondary schools.

In order to try out the theoretical ideas in practice, you will be given the opportunity to accompany a literature group in the vicinity of your study location once a week for several months. You will work directly with the students and accompany them in participating in our competition.

Winter Semester 2017 / 2018 only

In order to professionally prepare the launch of the first round of the community-driven book-battles and to monitor them with special care, there will be an accompanying book in which the work on this project will be documented. A book contract for the publication is already existing!

All participating students are given the opportunity to write a chapter on a topic themselves and publish it in the book. The accompanying book is published by Mango-Medien Verlag and is officially distributed through the book trade.

This is a unique opportunity to publish an independent contribution during your studies!