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"Community-driven-Book" - a definition of terms

The term "community-driven book" is based on the well-established term "community-driven development" in the world of software development, which pays special attention to the involvement and wishes of the target group of a software by directly integrating them into the development process of further functions.

The aim of a "community-driven book" is therefore to work directly with readers when it comes to the further development of a multi-part story.

The opportunities for participation range from the decision making process on how the story should develop to the adoption of text passages submitted by the readers as contributions. This way, certain characters, mythical creatures or places can be developed and described by fans, which the author of the book takes over in his text.

Anyone can participate

Not only exceptional talents who have discovered a literary vein can take part.

In addition to writing your own text passages, ideas and opinions can also simply flow into the joint development process.

Words are not your tools?

No problem, because you can also draw, paint, write poems, rap, compose or play music. Everything that gives a new impulse to the story is welcome!